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Who We Are At The Harvest
A Sermon From Pastor C. W. Turner

My Vision for The Harvest
From A Sermon by Pastor C.W. Turner

My desire has always been to lead a church to greatness in God. I want us to have a dynamic fellowship. I see a no holds barred ministry where people of all kinds can come to the same table and join the Christian faith and the family of God.

I see dynamic worship with freedom of expression as long as that expression honors God. I see a mosaic of ministries that meet the needs of all kinds of people. And when we become aware of another need we simply add that ministry to meet that need.

We do only what works and what is needed. If something becomes outdated or ineffective or unnecessary we cut it and make room for what is needed at that time. We do not become guarded or defensive about anything just because we’ve always done it, but we are continually retooling and reinventing ourselves as the challenges come.

I am looking for hundreds, maybe even thousands of people coming to the Harvest. I believe what we have is needed and desired in the hearts of people and as long as we keep Jesus lifted up we will see Him drawing all men to Himself.

In order to do this, we must stay prayerful, obedient and flexible. We must pray continually about what God wants us to do next. We must obey Him when He calls. We must be flexible in order to adapt to continual new things and new people. We must be fearless because we will constantly be on the edge of what will appear to be the end of ourselves and our resources, but I remind you to church, as long as Jesus is in our boat no storm can overtake us.

The single most important activity of a New Testament Church is to reach the unchurched. There is a heaven to gain and a hell to shun. We must do all we can to see the unsaved become the saved and help them to develop as vibrant and vital disciples of Christ. Our ministry must be measured by the activities listed in the Great Commission.

  • Going into all the World
  • Baptizing them in the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Ghost
  • Teaching them to observe all that He has commanded us
  • Trusting in His sustaining power and promised presence to carry out this mission